Chapter #02: Welcome to Wakmart!

In the space between Chapter #01 and Chapter #02 our duo, Zeke and Jelly, have made their way to the iconic big box retailer — Wakmart — on the outskirts of Lost Wages. Upended cars and trucks, along with overturned shopping carts, litter the once neatly organized parking lot. Inside the lights appear to still be on, at least in part, thanks to the electricity being generated by the automated systems of the Hoover Dam. As the two stand before the store’s smashed front doors, there’s a sense of heated anticipation — everything they could ever want, including TP, lies just on the other side. But, as we know all too well, it’s never that easy. Important Reminder: The best answers are short and sweet as they make it easy for the community to vote on. In other words, save your super detailed Lore writing for your Nerd and Tales from the Wasteland. Let's do this.

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