Chapter #03: Word of the Promised Land

In answering Chapter #02 prompts, we learned quite a few interesting things. First, beyond multi-ply toilet paper, upon entering Wakmart Zeke and Jelly are most interested in fireworks and electronic spare parts respectively. We also found out among the Skeetles and gm&m’s, lurk deadly desert jack rabbits who seem to be mutating at an abnormally fast rate. Lastly, we learned you, the audience and the co-authors, want to know the origin story of the Saw Blade Helmet. These questions, answers and ideas will be coming to life shortly when Chapter #02 is released. Until then, we fast-forward to Chapter #03. Having escaped Wakmart through means you’ll discover in the upcoming #02 release, we’ll find Zeke and Jelly out on the open road, having left Vegas in the rearview mirror. The brother/sister pair will be riding alongside two new Nerds, one male and one female, in the back of this new tandem’s Mr. Softee-like ice cream truck, all four in search of the Promised Land, or some derivation thereof. Important Reminder: The best answers are short and sweet as they make it easy for the community to vote on. In other words, save your super detailed Lore writing for your Nerd and Tales from the Wasteland. Also: You can answer as few or as many prompts as you like.