Chapter #04: Area 51.5

In Chapter #00, we witnessed Airman Norm, in a state of cheese-addled insanity, push the button that would lead to the Accidental Apocalypse. In Chapter #01, we met the impulsive Zeke, and super-smart Jelly who, faced with an existential crisis, were forced to head out into the Vegas Wasteland in search of toilet paper. In Chapter #02, we saw the two make their way to everyone's favorite big-box retailer, Wakmart, where inside they found a lot more than Skeetles™ and TP. In Chapter #03, we met Scorch and Mae, two hard-charging, ex-hippies in search of the Promised Land. With Vegas in the rear-view mirror, we also saw the foursome stumble onto an overturned rock & roll tour who’s coveted contents would ultimately prevent the group from escaping the catastrophic Wasteland Tornado™ coming their way. Now, with the arrival of Chapter #04, we find the team, ice cream truck and all, inside the impenetrable walls of a clandestine US Government facility smack dab in the middle of the Nevada desert — Area 51.5. Let’s get cracking! Important Reminder: The best answers are short and sweet as they make it easy for the community to vote on. If you need a refresher about where we’ve been with the story, please feel free to visit the previous chapters where all the recaps, prompts and winning votes are all archived. As always, you are free to answer as many or as few prompts as you like.